Postcard From Sochi

Hi! Want a postcard? Fill your address in the form below, and we’ll send you one!

Sochi – that’s in Russia – is a cool town: it’s squeezed between warm-ish Black Sea and snowy Caucasus mountains, the only subtropics in Russia, borders (even part of) Western Caucasus UNESCO WHS, hosts film festivals, economic and political forums, is on international border, and we hosted a range of large international competitions, including Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup games, Formula 1 races, and lots of smaller events.

We’ll send a random postcard , but it will be related to Sochi. It can be a view card, nature card, or painting, local flora or fauna, or simple “I love Sochi” card. We’ll write something on it about the city, and will use Sochi-related stamp (one if using several stamps). The postcard will be sent from Sochi.

Note: only postal address is required (please don’t forget to include your country!), but if you provide your email address we’ll shoot you an email when we actually send the card. The postal address field accepts multiple lines, so feel free to format it as it should be written on the card.

* “We” is me, but if the number of requests exceeds what I can reasonably do alone I may ask local postcrossing friends to help out.