How to send mail to Transnistria

Transnistria (officially the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, and also called Pridnestrovie) is de facto independent, but an unrecognized country in Europe. It is squeezed between Moldova, which they fought against for independence, and Ukraine.

Transnistria does have it’s own postal system, and issues own stamps. But it only works inside the country. To send international mail Moldovan postal service is used (both domestic and Moldovan stamps are available in Transnistria’s postal offices). Same goes for incoming international mail.

So, if you want to send something to Transnistria, you should specify Moldova as a destination country. Otherwise it will not be delivered.

Postcard from Crimea, Russia

Received this cool postcard from Crimea, my first one from there, and it came via Postcrossing. And just now realized, that Russian postcrossers can send to and receive official postcards from Russia even with “you would like to send and receive postcards to and from your own country” option turned Off 🙂

Russian stamp and Russian Post postmark from Sevastopol, Crimea. UA postcrossing code:

Russia stamp

Russia Crimea postcard

Russia-Kosovo Mail Experiment

Retour postmark

After learning about sending mail to some of the partially recognized countries, like Abkhazia, Transnistria, and Nagorny Karabakh, I wondered, how do I send mail from Russia to Kosovo ? Russia doesn’t recognize Kosovo’s independence, and supports Serbia in the conflict. So, it may not be as easy as writing “Kosovo” in the address.

Searching the web shed no light on this question, nobody on postcrossing forum knew either. I asked Russian Post rep in Vkontakte (“Russian Facebook”), he came back with “you have to address it to Serbia”. I was skeptical it would make it. So, I decided to test…

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Postcrossing Bookmarklets

«Bookmarklet – a small software application stored as a bookmark in a web browser, which typically allows a user to interact with the currently loaded web page in some way.»

Postcard Image Address – get URL (direct web address) for the image of a registered postcard
UPDATED 2017-02-24: Updated due to changes on Postcrossing website
How to use it (video)

Traveling Cards – show images of traveling postcards. Also works for Sent and Received postcards pages
UPDATED 2019-09-19: Works again (adjusted to Postcrossing site change)
How to use it (video)

Random Postcard from Gallery – Show random postcard from Postcrossing Gallery
UPDATED 2017-02-24: Updated due to changes on Postcrossing website
How to use it (video)

Useful information: How enable bookmarks/favorites bar in Google Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer / Safari

How to send mail to Abkhazia

Abkhazia is independent, partially recognized country, located on the Black Sea coast, between Georgia and Russia.

Most countries of the World do not recognize it’s independence yet, and recognize it as part of Georgia. Abkhazia is currently not a member of the United Nations, and it is not a member of Universal Postal Union. Neighboring Russia does officially recognizes it’s independence, though.

Because of the ongoing conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia any mail sent via Georgia will never make it. But people in Abkhazia need to have international postal services, and there is a way.

Special PO Box

P.O. Box 1495, “Abkhazsvyaz”
Sochi, Russia

There is a special PO box set up in Sochi – Russian city located on the border with Abkhazia – through which all incoming mail to Abkhazia is routed. If you want to send something to Abkhazia, address it to this PO box, along with Abkhazian address.

For example:

P.O. Box 1495, “Abkhazsvyaz”

President of Abkhazia
Naberezhnaya Makhadzhyrov 32

Source: Postal info on the official tourism website of Abkhazia (in English; in Russian)