Cyrene – Ancient Greek city in present-day Libya

The State of Libya is a country in North Africa. Over centuries this area was influenced and controled by different cultures and nations: Berber tribes, Phoenicians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottomans, Italians… I received this postcard without any indication of what exactly is pictured here, but thanks to the amazing modern technologies (Google Reverse Image Search), I found out that this postcard depicts The Temple of Apollo at Cyrene (top) and Ancient Greek baths in Cyrene (bottom).

Cyrene was founded in the 7th century BC, and was the oldest and most important Greek city in North Africa. The city became one of the greatest intellectual and artistic centers of the Greek world, and was famous for its medical school, learned academies, and architecture. Today it is an archeological UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Interesting fact: The modern name of “Libya” is an evolution of the “Libu” name, from Greek Λιβύη, generally encompassing the people of Cyrenaica and Marmarica. The “libu” name likely came to be used in the classical world as an identity for the natives of the North African region.

Libya postcard

Libya stamp postmark