Corvo Island, The Azores

Corvo Island, literally the Island of the Crow, is the smallest and the northernmost island of the Azores archipelago, with a population of approximately 468 inhabitants (in 2006) constituting the smallest single municipality in Azores and in Portugal. The island originated from only one volcano, which was active for the last time about two million years ago.

Interesting fact: only in 1963, the island received electricity and the first telephone cables were laid in 1973. Up to then communication with the neighbour island — when a priest, a doctor or other help was needed — was done by radio, and before that even by means of smoke signals!

Azores stamp

São Miguel – The Azores

The Azores is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal, an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. São Miguel Island, is also referred to locally as “The Green Island”, is the largest and most populous island in the archipelago of the Azores. It is believed that the island was discovered in 1427, and today it’s population is around 138,000.

Azores postcard

Azores stamp