How to send mail to Abkhazia

Abkhazia is independent, partially recognized country, located on the Black Sea coast, between Georgia and Russia.

Most countries of the World do not recognize it’s independence yet, and recognize it as part of Georgia. Abkhazia is currently not a member of the United Nations, and it is not a member of Universal Postal Union. Neighboring Russia does officially recognizes it’s independence, though.

Because of the ongoing conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia any mail sent via Georgia will never make it. But people in Abkhazia need to have international postal services, and there is a way.

Special PO Box

P.O. Box 1495, “Abkhazsvyaz”
Sochi, Russia

There is a special PO box set up in Sochi – Russian city located on the border with Abkhazia – through which all incoming mail to Abkhazia is routed. If you want to send something to Abkhazia, address it to this PO box, along with Abkhazian address.

For example:

P.O. Box 1495, “Abkhazsvyaz”

President of Abkhazia
Naberezhnaya Makhadzhyrov 32

Source: Postal info on the official tourism website of Abkhazia (in English; in Russian)

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